Enjoy A “Super Delicious” Meal With Us Tonight In Irvine & Ladera Ranch

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“SOHO TACO catered an office lunch for 25 people. It was amazing! The chicken, carne asada & veggie tacos were super delicious,” 5 star Yelp review by Sandi G., Newport Beach CA (May 31, 2016). Judge for yourself: DINNER 4:30P – 7:30P Westpark Elementary, 25 San Carlo Ave, Irvine CA; and, DINNER 5P – 8P Oso Grande Elementary, 30251 Sienna Pkwy, Ladera Ranch CA. RELATED: Click here for our calendar of upcoming food truck stops & events ********************* SOHO TACO Promo Video Please CLICK HERE to view video on YouTube.  Request a Free Quote! Please click above and visit our no obligation catering request form today!

Taco Catering An Engagement Party In Ladera Ranch Under A Blue Moon

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Ladera Ranch - Orange County CA

[S]urprise … it’s Friday! The great thing about Labor Day weekend is how fast the next weekend seems arrives.  So, if you’ve been looking forward to some TGIF, here it is! Speaking of the three day weekend, Golden Foodie Award Nominee SoHo Taco (hey, that has a nice ring to it!) had the honor of taco catering a wedding engagement party under a gorgeous full blue moon last Saturday in Ladera Ranch. Check out our pictures! Although wedding engagement parties like this may happen quite often in South OC, having two full moons in one month only occurs every couple of years or so, which made this occasion particularly special. Our guys brought out some mouthwatering tacos such as pollo asado, carne asada, veggies &…

Yup, Some Of Our Ladera Ranch Taco Catering Guests Love Beans On Their Tacos – Don’t Hate

A Ladera Ranch guest customizing his taco any ol’ way he pleases – no nyah!  Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering Repeat after me: “There’s no wrong taco.” The other day at a taco catering event in the beautiful community of Ladera Ranch, CA, one of our innovative guests dolloped on spoonfuls of our black beans onto his tacos (as you can see from the picture above).  Now, traditionally you won’t find that on a typical taco served in Mexico – but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. We here at Soho Taco Franken-Taco Headquarters bring outstanding ingredients expertly prepared to each taco catering event so that our guests can make the best tacos they’ve ever constructed for themselves – ever. So, to coin…