A Colorful Eye-Popping Display Of Enticing Condiments And Salsas

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Salsa Condiment Bar - La Chureya Estate - Palm Springs CA

Too dazzling not to share! One of the highlights of last night’s dinner service at La Chureya Estate in Palm Springs was the colorful, eye-popping display of our enticing condiments and salsas. The moment guests walked up to the truck they were treated with visions of bright green guacamole, electric yellow mango salsa, spicy red onions, snow white sour cream and so much more. They say you eat with your eyes and, if so, then this was definitely one epic ocular feast. ********************* SoHo Taco Promo Video Please CLICK HERE to view video on YouTube.  Request a Free Quote! Please click above and visit our no obligation catering request form today!

Juicy Vine Ripened Tomatoes For Today’s Private Events

It’s another hectic Saturday here at SoHo Taco headquarters, but when it comes to picking the right ingredients we always take our time. Today we’ve got several orders of our signature salsa roja and we made sure our customers are getting the best.  We picked these wonderful vine-ripened tomatoes that you see above, roasted them to perfection, added our special blend of herbs and spices and blended them to a creamy consistency. This batch is ready to go to today’s taco catering events all over Southern California and we certainly hope everyone enjoys it. Buen provecho and see you soon! ********************* SoHo Taco Promo Video Please CLICK HERE to view video on YouTube. [button_link url=”/catering-inquiry-form/” style=”impactBtn” ]GET A FREE QUOTE![/button_link] Please click above and visit our…

MILD SALSAS: Because Not All Great Flavors Have To Involve A Dare


  [Y]es, it’s true.  Both our gourmet food truck and our gourmet taco catering carts are probably best known for serving up some of the best spicy salsas. In fact, yesterday food writer Dave Lieberman of OC Weekly released an excellent write up about our personal favorite ‘salsa de aceite‘.  (Thanks, Dave!) However, we want to remind our friends – the ones who tend to break out into a sweat just by reading the price tag on a Tabasco bottle – that we also have some extremely delicious mild salsas: freshly made guacamole, flavorful roasted red tomato salsa, fruity mango salsa and our traditional pico de gallo made with vine ripened heirloom tomatoes. Just dabble a little bit on your tacos and you too will…

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