We LOVE Our Superbowl Widows – And Widowers!!

Soho-Taco-Gourmet-Taco-Catering-Los-Angeles-Al-PastorPigskin-free … but still loved!
Al Pastor getting prepped on the grill by
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a little game coming up this Sunday called The Superbowl which involves a ball some folks commonly call a “pigskin”.  And, while some of our upcoming taco catering guests this weekend will undoubtedly be BIG fans of the sport, others may be in attendance whose interests may be elsewhere.

Well, we here at Soho Taco Football Central would like to inform those Superbowl widows (and widowers!) that, just like our exquisite Taco Al Pastor above, you can still have a delicious pigskin-free day with us!

So, while everyone else is screaming their helmets off at the big screen, feel free to pass by the cart for more delicious gourmet tacos for that culinary touchdown your taste buds have been craving!

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