We’re Doing To A Gourmet Taco What Critics Are Doing With The Spiderman Musical: Grilling It

Soho-Taco-Gourmet-Taco-Catering-Torrance-Los-Angeles-CACritically acclaimed grilling in Torrance, CA
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Fortunately, it has been our experience that whenever Soho Taco throws something on the gourmet taco catering grill, everyone ends up happy and satisfied.

Unfortunately, on the East Coast whenever a Broadway musical gets tossed onto the grill by the critics this isn’t always the case.

Then again, whenever one of our carts rolls up to an event, there isn’t usually $65 million dollars worth of expectation riding on the possibility that the audience will be pleased in the end.

So, lesson learned: the next time you’re planning on a risky, multi-million dollar Broadway extravaganza … think of Soho Taco instead.  It’ll more likely be an audience pleaser and no high-profiled egos will be harmed in the production.

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