One Taco Catering Cart For Irvine Full Of Carne Asada Coming Right Up!

Soho-Taco-Gourmet-Taco-Catering-Irvine-Orange-County-CA-Carne-AsadaCarne Asada getting grilled in Irvine, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Perhaps the most requested delicacy at our taco catering events is our succulent and flavorful carne asada … and we have a big order coming up for some special guests in the City of Irvine tonight!

What sets ours apart from any other you will ever have is both in the preparation and execution of this wonderful taco ingredient.

Prior to each event, the meat is marinated and seasoned to perfection so that it’s natural flavors are enhanced and stand on their own. 

Then our highly trained cooks prepare them on site in a way that ensures that they remain juicy on the inside and perfectly charred on the outside.

The result?  A beef taco so flavorful & juicy on its own, you might not even want to put any fixings! 

Be sure to ask for it for your next event … or perhaps you already did?! ;)  We hope you enjoy it, Irvine!

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