Our Tacos Might Make You Strong In The Fin-ach, If You Eat Them With Spinach
Spinach: An ingredient that may leave you wanting more.
Veggie taco and others on the grill by
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Spinach isn’t just for chain smoking sailors anymore!

One of the key ingredients in the veggie tacos served up at our taco catering events are the light, flavorful and delicious leaves of spinach like the one you see above from last night.

This leafy vegetable not only adds another dimension of exquisite taste to the taco, but they also provide an eye-popping color component for that visual appeal as well.

We’re not sure whether or not consuming more spinach will help you successfully battle brutes for the affections of your frighteningly rail thin sweetheart named after a common household cooking lubricant.  However, they’ll at least give our tacos a nice punch.

Be sure to give it a try next time!

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