Mango Salsa More Colorful Than a Heckler At The Charlie Sheen Roadshow Last Night

Mango salsa for Dana Point, CA: quite palatable & trainwreck-free. 
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Some things are remarkably enhanced with certain accompaniments.  For example, our savory tacos de pollo (“chicken tacos”) are brought to another exceptional culinary level with the addition of our chef prepared mango salsa, like the one you see above.  The exquisite salty/sweet combination is quite unlike anything you’ve ever had wrapped up in a freshly-made tortilla.

Whereas, inexplicably sold out roadshows featuring eccentric personalities of questionable mental stability can certainly do without audience heckling.  (And, in the meantime perhaps no audience would benefit said personality. Just saying.)  
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