Taco Catering & Thirst Quenching: Lots of Thirsty People In Laguna Beach!

Aguas frescas (lemon & cantaloupe) making things juicy in Laguna Beach, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Apparently being next to water doesn’t always mean your thirst is quenched!

Although Mondays are usually pretty mellow here at Soho Taco Juicy Beverages Headquarters, yesterday we had an intimate taco catering event in the beautiful seaside community of Laguna Beach, CA.

One of the requests our customer had was to have two GINORMOUS jugs of aguas frescas, which are essentially delicious & refreshing traditional non-alcoholic Mexican coolers.  And, guess what?!  They finished both of them!!

Incredible!  There may be no waterfalls in Laguna Beach, but the water was definitely flowing at the beach yesterday!!    
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