Grandma From San Diego: “Can You Please Send Me That Recipe?”


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Earlier today we received this email from a wonderful San Diego abuela asking about how we prep our gourmet tacos:

“Where can I find the marinade recipe you provide (if asked)? I’m a 72 yr old Grandma who loves tacos and in reading all the good reviews, I’d guess yours ranks number 1. Can you please send me the recipe for the marinade? Thank you so very much. My grandkids and great grandchildren also looooove Tacos. Wish you had a cart here in San Diego.”

– Earlene N., San Diego, CA

There you have it folks!!  Soho Taco has the distinct pleasure of being ranked #1 by taco afficinado Grandma Earlene! Winking smile 

Now, to address your question, as much as we love sharing our gourmet tacos with everyone the exact recipe and the techniques we use for making our exquisite handheld delights remains heavily guarded here at Soho Taco headquarters.  Maybe one day we’ll come up with a recipe book and reveal a few of our secrets, but until then our tortilla bags are sealed.  Sorry!

However, last summer Chef Gabe did release a recipe to the OC Weekly for our immensely popular roasted heirloom tomato salsa, which you can find by clicking here.

Also, we do in fact provide gourmet taco catering for the beautiful City of San Diego!!  We go out there regularly and have built up quite the fan base.  To find out pricing and availability, feel free to click the green “Free Quote” button below.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for your inquiry and hopefully we’ll have the honor of meeting you in person very soon!

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