Tortilla Chips Even A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Would Love!

No-brainer tortilla chips served up at a taco catering event in Los Angeles, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Eating brains all day is boring! Zzzzzzz…….

Attention all post-apocalyptic zombies:  there is no need to suffer another snooze-inducing meal!  Soho Taco Gourmet Taco Catering is proud to offer to you and the rest of your non-raptured buddies some of the best, freshly made tortilla chips you’ll ever have in your undead life!

Every golden chip at our taco catering events is freshly fried to a crisp, just like the Earth will be on October 21st.  Then, it’s lightly salted to give it that perfect flavor that’s, well, to die for!

So, put down that skull and give us a call.  Our friendly, equally non-raptured event coordinators are anxiously waiting for your call …. or your nonsensical zombie mumbling.

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