End Of The World Avoided: Our Tacos Were A Hit & Justin Bieber Won Top New Artist

Quesadillas & nachos as served at our taco catering 
event last night in Bellflower, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Lots of happy people last night, an occurrence which had (believe it or not) very little to do with any false prophecies.

During one of our taco catering events in Bellflower, CA., some folks were genuinely happy to experience first hand how the reviews for our gourmet tacos do indeed live up to their delicious expectations.  Something we’re always happy to hear. 

Meanwhile, others in the crowd were absolutely ecstatic when The Beebs won Billboard’s Top New Artist Award.  They were so ecstatic that, well, let’s just say that their enthusiasm was definitely more high-pitched and ear piercing than that of the other’s.  Something we’re pretty sure the neighbors heard, even if they were deaf.

Nevertheless, it was a great event and we were honored to be part of it.  And, the fact that some of our ears are still ringing from all that (ahem) enthusiasm, we’ll be talking about this wonderful occasion for quite some time – that’s if we can hear each other.
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