You Know Your Tacos Might Be Good When Even MEXICANS Say Nice Things About Them

Chicken getting prepped on the grill at a
taco catering event in
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One of the ways we know we’re doing a good job is when we get compliments – from Mexicans!

Of course, every kind word for our gourmet taco catering is taken as if it were made of gold, but there’s something about getting an enthusiastic response from someone who’s cultural background comes from, well, where tacos came from!

For example, the other day when we were at the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation event we had a couple of new pals come up to us several times.  In fact, they even brought friends on the second, third or fourth time (no exaggeration!) with them saying “You gotta try these tacos!”  Considering that there was other delicious food available for them to have (ie. In-N-Out, pizza, hot dogs, etc.), this truly says a lot about what we had to offer. 

After a several times you start recognizing faces.  So, after a while we thanked them for approaching our cart and then we asked what makes our tacos worthy of multiple visits.  Well, the response was the essentially the same, “I’m Mexican and these are some of the best tacos I’ve had!”


We are so honored and humbled by this!  We are seriously thankful that so many people, Mexican or not, feel the same way about our food.  And, to receive compliments from a segment of the population that KNOWS about tacos, this just makes us feel more fortunate to be providing such excellent gourmet fare! 

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