Today In Franken-Tacos: The Steak & Shrimp Quesataco


Taco-Tinkering: a steak & shrimp “quesataco”  made during
taco catering event in Brentwood, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Sarah Palin isn’t the ONLY one with a knack for creativity!

Yesterday one of Soho Taco’s gourmet taco catering carts was assigned to a graduation party in beautiful Brentwood CA., where we had a little down time between guests – and a lot of cheese.  So, when a few of us got a little hungry, we decided to tinker around and we came up with the the Steak & Shrimp Quesataco that you see above.

If you’ve never had a “quesataco” before, it’s essentially a thin layer of cheese which has been grilled until golden brown and then stuffed with whatever ingredients one desires.  In fact, if you’re a follower of Bill Esparza’s celebrated website, this fiercely respected food blogger discussed at length about the beauty of this edible juxtaposition between traditional and modern Mexican cuisine several times.

The result?!  Nothing less than spectacular.  The grilled cheese not only adds another delicious base flavor, but it also imparts a smoky, toasted, woodsy dimension.   And, the crispiness of the newly-formed shell provides a rich texture to every bite and simply brings it to another culinary level.  We loved it! 

Sadly, this type of taco isn’t easily found outside of Mexico (if at all).  And, unfortunately it isn’t part of our menu – yet.  However, if the conditions are right and you find yourself in front of one of our gourmet taco catering carts, we just might be able to whip one up for you!  Who knows?! 😉    

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3 thoughts on “Today In Franken-Tacos: The Steak & Shrimp Quesataco”

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  2. Yeah it really is yummy …. hopefully if the conditions are right we can sneak one over to you at our next event! 😉

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