Media Attention For ‘Weinergate’ Might Be Hard To Swallow – But Our Tacos Aren’t

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a backyard in
Los Angeles, CA.
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The fact that a certain Congressman’s indiscretions have penetrated the media to such an extent may be difficult to understand, but your tacos shouldn’t be.

While we await the impending probe into the matter we here at Soho Taco headquarters would like to assure you of the simplicity of our gourmet taco catering.  Essentially, since we use the finest ingredients and the best cooking techniques there really isn’t too much mystery in the popularity of our exquisite hand-held meals.  

Meanwhile, let’s hope this lengthy media attention for Mr. Weiner’s problems will soon go limp.  Until then, let’s put something else more delicious in our mouths, shall we?  Like Soho Tacos gourmet tacos!  

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