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Carnitas & mango salsa: a perfect marriage of flavors.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

You may now eat the taco!

Earlier today we here at Soho Taco had the honor and the privilege of having our little gourmet taco catering company featured in today’s posting by the leading bridal website Little Wed Hen! [NOTE: their site has been running, super slow … so hang in there!]

Here’s just a small excerpt of the article entitled Soho Good: Soho Taco Wedding Catering:

“For a guest, the arrival of the main course is perhaps one of the most fraught moments of a wedding. There are usually two options available–one highly desirable, and the other not so much–and these dishes are placed in an alternating pattern around the table. Whether you end up enjoying your meal is dictated by those set-in-stone seating arrangements–unless the individual sitting next to you is kind enough to swap. Fortunately, in our travels around the web we’ve come up with a novel way of ensuring that everyone at the table gets the meal that they want without having to resort to begging and pleading. The answer? Build-your-own gourmet tacos. We were so taken by the idea that we caught up with Rico from the hugely popular California-based Soho Taco for a chat.

And honing their craft they are. Rico’s team doesn’t only come up with the taco goods, but provides all manner of other options to add a bit of flair to an event. “We can also provide appetisers, aguas frescas, a type of traditional Mexican beverage, bartending services, and additional carts.” Soho Taco is also happy to provide the main nosh on the night, or to step in later on when guests are getting ravenous after hitting the dance floor. Really, the only thing that they won’t do is make your taco for you. “It’s up to you to make your own work of art!” agrees Rico.”

Not too shabby, eh?!  Of course, please do visit Little Wed Hen to read more about our interview, our gourmet taco catering and to learn valuable tips for your upcoming wedding!

A big  HUGE thank you goes out to the folks over at the wedding blog for the write up and the wonderful opportunity!! 

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