Happy Flag Day! Now, Get Back To Work

Gourmet taco catering next to ‘Old Glory’ in Fullerton, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Happy Flag Day!!  Sorry, today isn’t technically a holiday, so you’ll probably have to do all your commemorating from work: which is what we did!

Above you see a shot of Soho Taco providing excellent gourmet taco catering under the watchful eye of Old Glory during an event we did last weekend in Fullerton, CA.

Ok, so we may have been a few days early in the honoring of our nation’s flag.  But have you ever tried putting your right hand over your heart while holding a plate full of gourmet tacos?  It can get preeeeetty messy.

Nevertheless, there she is and we’re very proud to honor her today – even if we don’t get the day off. 

Have a beautifully flaggy Tuesday everyone!! 
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