Orange You Glad We Have Spanish Rice?

Exquisite Spanish rice as served recently at a taco catering
event in
Los Angeles, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Have you ever had our Spanish rice at one of our gourmet taco catering events and said to yourself, “Self, why is Spanish rice orange?”

Well, we here at Soho Taco Natural Ingredients Headquarters can’t speak for everyone else, but in our case we use something more natural to colorize it: heirloom tomatoes.

That’s right, this very versatile fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) isn’t just for our delicious salsas.  But, we also use its juices to bring vibrant hues to this wonderful side dish as well as to give it a more rich, complex flavor.

So, the next time you find yourself in front of one of our carts, help yourself to an extra serving of this fruit-flavored accoutrement and say to yourself, “Self, I now know everything.”  
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