Our Side Dishes & Salsas Are Silky Smooth – Like A Hybrid-Free Carpool Lane

Smooth, creamy & pillowy taco catering side dishes
as served up recently in
Orange County, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Sadly, as of yesterday our hybrid vehicle friends will share something in common with the menu items above: they’ve been pushed to the side.

That’s right, in case you haven’t already noticed merely having a nifty fuel-efficient car isn’t enough to hang out in the carpool lane anymore.  Instead, just like a healthy serving of our refried beans and rice, we’re all going to have to share the same plate.

Sure, this might lead to a bit more traffic for non-carpoolers.  But, don’t let your anger heat up to  jalapeno salsa levels as your face turns as red as our roasted heirloom tomato salsa.  Stay cool like our guacamole!

Hopefully this new change will encourage more people to carpool.  Because, just like sensible taco catering meal, the freeways are always better when they aren’t overstuffed.
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