Taco Catering Los Angeles: Carmageddon Schmarmageddon!!


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In case you didn’t get the memo, even though the Los Angeles County Fair is still about 2 months away starting Friday night SoCal arteries are about to get seriously clogged.  And, to this so-called vehicular predicament dubbed Carmageddon we say: “Bring it on!” 

We here at Soho Taco are doing everything we can to NOT be late to our gourmet taco catering events this weekend in the L.A. area

We’re keeping a close watch on the latest reports on Twitter, reviewing this nifty guide issued by the OC Register and, heck, we may even say a prayer or two to the patron saint of drivers & automobiles, Saint Frances of Rome

So, unless something crazy and way beyond our control occurs, we’re soooo going to be on time.  Hopefully.

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