TACO CATERING PASADENA ON TIME: If Necessary, A ‘Virgin’ Sacrifice To Appease The Freeway Gods!

Veggies on the grill: taco catering a wedding in Pasadena, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Extra virgin olive oil, that is! 😉

Oh boy, today is the day: Carmageddon, Carpocalypse, Hell-On-Wheels, etc.  And, today we here at Soho Taco have six taco catering events in the Los Angeles area alone; one of them is for a wedding in Pasadena!!

Of course we’re taking every measure possible.  We’re planning to leave for each event extra, super, duper early.  We’ve contacted our clients and warned them beforehand.   And, we’re planning out alternate routes depending on the severity of the traffic.

Hopefully, everything runs smoothly and without delay.  However, we’re totally prepared to pray, sing, chant, present virgin sacrifices to every deity known to man in order to arrive on time!  A promise is a promise and we’re not one to let our customers down.

Wish us luck!  And, have a Happy Carmageddon!!

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