WHEW: Last Weekend We Were Busier Than A Klingon Dictionary At Comic-Con

How do you say “Gourmet Taco Cart Catering” in tlhIngan Hol?

Happy Monday, everyone!!

We here at Soho Taco Intergalactic Headquarters proudly concluded another busy, yet exhilarating weekend providing our gourmet taco cart catering services to various parties in Orange County, Los Angeles and beyond.

Essentially, our guys were out in full force attending a galaxy of events and slinging some of the best tacos in the Southland faster than you can say “Yes, this Batman utility belt is homemade”. Sure, comic aficionados from across the universe may have converged in San Diego during the past few days, but for us the real celebrations took place on our guests palates.

Thanks to our guests for another beautiful weekend and thanks to this guy for making Southern California a safer place – we think.  

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