Cowboys, Aliens & Guacamole – Sure, Why Not?


Soho-Taco-Gourmet-Taco-Cart-Catering-Long-Beach-CA-GuacamoleCreamy, delicious guacamole as served up at last weekend’s
taco cart catering event last weekend in Long Beach, CA.

Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Guacamole goes with everything – maybe even with cowboys and aliens?

Last weekend during one of Soho Taco’s gourmet taco cart catering events in Long Beach, we couldn’t help but overhear one guest insist that this popular condiment goes great with virtually every taco. 

He even went on to say, “if cowboys and aliens can get together and make a bajillion bucks, then guacamole can together with anything.” 

Now, although though we don’t recommend slathering our condiments onto any cowboys and/or aliens, we do have to agree that guacamole is flexible enough to go with pretty much any dish on our menu.

The trick, however, is getting our combination to make a “bajillion” bucks.

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