Sorry We Can’t Fix the DOW – So Here’s Our Veggie Taco Instead


A wise investment for your palate.
Our Veggie Taco on a handmade tortilla
as served the other day at a
Los Angeles taco cart catering event.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering

Sadly there isn’t much we here at Soho Taco headquarters can do to help the Dow’s recent volatility, but hopefully this picture of our veggie taco will make you feel better!

In fact, it’s too bad more investments can’t be like our exquisite meatless creation.  With all it’s fresh ingredients and harmonious flavors, some our stock broker guests can easily give you this tip: it’s a sure thing.

Nevertheless, we certainly hope you didn’t lose too much with the mini-stock market crash yesterday.  And, even if you did, we’ll always have a tasty veggie taco waiting to make you feel better.

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