Taco Catering a Carlsbad Wedding On “Irene” Weekend – Hang In There East Coast!

IN HONOR OF IRENE: Shrimp coincidentally in hurricane
formation on our taco catering grill in Carlsbad, CA.

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Hang in there, East Coast!!

Wow, as if that earthquake the other day wasn’t enough for everyone on the Atlantic to contend with, now they have Irene blowing into town!

Meanwhile, here back at home in Southern California, in sharp contrast to the other side of the country, our weather seems almost too perfect.  In fact if it weren’t for the up-to-the-minute reports, it’s really hard to imagine the destruction that’s going on out there! 

Nevertheless, while we’re providing gourmet taco catering for a large wedding in Carlsbad, CA. later today we’ll definitely have our family and friends in hurricane Irene’s path in mind.

Stay strong, everyone.  We certainly hope the losses will be minimal and that everyone makes it out ok.

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