TACO CATERING CYPRESS: Surf & Turf For A Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Party

Surf (“mahi mahi”) & Turf (“carne asada”) taco catering in Cypress, CA.
Soho Taco | Gourmet Taco Catering & Food Truck

As the old saying goes “opposites attract”, but then again “similarities glue”.  And, fortunately last night in Cypress, CA. such was the case.

Yesterday Soho Taco had the amazing opportunity to provide gourmet taco catering for a wonderful couple’s 10th year wedding anniversary.  During the evening they told everyone that they were the prime example of personality opposites who were attracted to each other, but were glued by the similarities of common hobbies, careers & goals. 

Meanwhile, the exact same situation was occurring on the grill, as you can see above.  On one side was our mahi mahi and the other our carne asada.  Sure, they’re like polar opposites, but it’s the similarity of being on a tortilla that binds them.  Get it? 

Ok, the comparison may be a bit of a stretch – but, it sure sounds delicious, doesn’t it?  Wow, who knew you’d find relationship advice on a gourmet taco catering site?

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone!!
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