Gourmet Tacos? A Concept No More Crazier Than Camping Out At Best Buy Right Now

Insanely good carne asada as served recently at a gourmet
taco cart catering event in Los Angeles, CA.

[O]k, maybe a lot less crazy ….

Few things draw more skepticism than telling someone that the tacos they’re about to have are “gourmet”.  Often during our taco cart catering events in Orange County, Los Angeles and beyond, we’re reminded by Southern Californians that gourmet tacos just doesn’t exist.

It’s a concept that is, well, crazy.

We here at Soho Taco headquarters can tell you that our tacos are indeed gourmet until we’re blue.  But, don’t take our word for it.  So far we have had the GREAT fortune of others declaring our tacos “gourmet”, especially on Yelp.

Now, whether or not you yourself agree is entirely up to you and your palate.  However, we assure you that it is possible and that it’s definitely a lot less insane than camping out right now at your local retailer for Black Friday.

(Is a $200 flat screen really worth possibly contracting pneumonia?!)

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