Order Taking Outside The Truck Helps Us Better Serve All Shapes, Sizes – And Disabilities!

Soho Taco Gourmet Taco Truck - POS Lavu - Serving Customers - Tall - Short - Disabilities
"Al fresco" style order taking at the OC Fairgrounds last Wednesday night.

[A]t our gourmet food truck, every customer is treated like royalty … especially if they come with their own throne.

If you ever visit Soho Taco’s luxe lonchera, you’ll notice right away something different about our ordering taking system.  That’s right, we’re outside eye level with you!

Sure our POS Lavu point-of-sale system let’s us dazzle customers with our high tech iPad system, but most importantly we’re face-to-face with our customers – ALL our customers.

In fact, here’s a small demo of our system:

This cutting edge technology is not only great for making face-to-face conversations more personal, but it also helps us better serve those who couldn’t otherwise reach the height of a customary food truck window.

With iPad in hand, our order takers can crouch down, tippy-toe higher and even walk within a 30 foot radius.  We might be using gadgets, but the system couldn’t be more human.

Here at Soho Taco we want EVERYONE to enjoy our gourmet tacos and we want EVERYONE to feel like they are the king or queen – EVERYONE like YOU.

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