The Temperamental Tortilla Hecha a Mano (“Handmade Tortilla”)

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Lots of love and attention go into each tortilla hecha a mano ("handmade tortilla").

A tortilla getting "puffy" on the grill is a sign that it's almost ready.
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[E]ach taco that we serve on our gourmet food truck and, on special order, at our taco cart catering events is served on a warm, tortilla hecha a mano (or “handmade tortilla”).  But, a lot of effort truly goes into making each one before you even take a bite.

Firstly, we make our own family recipe for the masa.  This corn-based dough isn’t something you would find at any store shelf.  We specially make it in our own kitchen using a guarded combination of ingredients.

Next the conditions must be right.  Everything from wind, humidity, grill temperature can have some serious adverse effects on the quality and taste.  If they’re not there, we simply can’t serve them!

Putting the "handmade" in "handmade tortillas"!
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Then, a skilled tortilla maker must finalize the product.  He or she needs to make sure they’re a certain thickness, that they “puff up” properly on the grill and that they’re served within minutes after they’re ready.  So, timing is everything.

Finally, it has to be eaten quick!  In our experience, a fresh tortilla MUST be consumed within 10 minutes after they’ve been prepared.  After that it’ll still be a very good, but a lot of the subtlety, crispiness and fluffiness won’t be there anymore.

And, there you have it.  Sure, you can keep these factors in mind the next time you’re in front of our truck or cart.  But, really the best way to enjoy our tortillas is simply to just bite into them.  Enjoy!

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