Highly Regarded, Critically Acclaimed Restaurant Owner & Chef Calls Our Tacos “F****** Great!”

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Serving up 'effing great' cuisine in Irvine last weekend.

[S]ome compliments are best expressed with a bit of flourish.

Last Saturday, during our stop at the always fantastic OC Wine Mart in Irvine, we were visited by one of darlings of the Orange County foodie scene, Michael Schepers of Mick’s Karma Bar.

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Truck - Food Truck - The Park Irvine Spectrum - Orange County - CA - FrontIn case you haven’t heard, his legendary burgers have gotten love letters from the OC Register, accolades from the OC Weekly and is currently enjoying 4.5 stars after hundreds of reviews on Yelp.  Basically, he’s got one of the best, most sought after cuisines in town.

So, last weekend he decided to pay us a visit during our stop and he brought along his entire family.  Like most customers who love our food his initial response at the truck was pretty demure: a few approving, mid-chew nods and a “very good” compliment or two.  We thanked him and his family for their kind words and for stopping by.  Then, we said our goodbyes.

The following day, Michael hopped onto Facebook and left us this far more expressive and far more enthusiastic comment:

[message_box]”Last night my family and I had dinner at a Food Truck Soho Taco Gourmet Taco Catering and Truck my thought on our first experience at a food truck….

F****** great Tacos at Soho Taco Gourmet Taco Catering . Now when are you going to stop running around in a food truck? and open up store, come on NOW! Other wise you will make me go MUY LOCO chasing down your truck! hence the “F” WORD and it better be in Irvine, over here we have Chronic Tacos, THE NAME SAYS IT ALL!

There are Mexican Restaurants(?), Ton’s of Asian restaurants, Lots of Sandwich stores, Who says Irvinites do not like Tacos? just because they are chronic in nature or a fast food type, there are no good Taco Stores in Irvine end of story!”[/message_box]

LOL!  Isn’t that mind-blowingly awesome of him?! It’s funny how his enthusiasm just grew ten fold the next day!

Michael, sorry for making you muy loco chasing down our truck!  Hopefully we’ll have our own bricks-and-mortar restaurant just like you very, very soon.  Until then, you and your family are ALWAYS more than welcome to pay us another visit anytime.

Thanks again and see you real soon!

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