SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Truck @ Roger’s Gardens of Corona Del Mar

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Truck - Corona Del Mar - Newport Beach - Orange County CA - Main
A vine of raspberries dangling in front of SoHo Taco’s
food truck menu board yesterday at Roger’s Gardens
of Corona Del Mar. (Newport Beach, CA)

[A]hhhhh… the joys of living in Southern California!

Yesterday (Sunday) SoHo Taco’s gourmet food truck crew spent another picture perfect day the the premier home and gardening center of Orange County, Roger’s Gardens.  This was our third visit to the Corona Del Mar locale and we love it every time!

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SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Truck - Corona Del Mar - Newport Beach - Orange County CA - album
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We had a GREAT turn out yesterday!  In addition to the casual Rogers Gardens customers that simply discovered us while shopping, other factors helped boost attendance.

We ran that little “free chicken taco” promo in conjunction with the venue which brought in a good size more customers than before.  About five different potential catering clients passed by to give our food a test run.  And, of course, we our wonderful fan base came by to get their fix!

In fact, one family showed up even though we had just catered at their home the day before.  That’s right, they had SoHo Taco’s gourmet tacos two days in a row!  Is that awesome or what?!

Nonetheless, another perfect day in the OC’s garden of Eden.  And, we look forward to returning there next month on August 26th.  See you then!!

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