OUR CATERING VAN: A Sure Sign You’re In For A Special Event

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Laguna Niguel - Orange County - CA
SoHo Taco’s catering van parked at an event in Laguna Niguel last weekend.


[O]ften we receive terrific feedback from folks immediately after they’ve bitten into one of our gourmet tacos.  But, sometimes the compliments arrive BEFORE the food is ordered!  Let us explain … 

We had the honor of taco catering a birthday soiree last Saturday in Dana Point and as usual we had our catering van parked out in front.  The party didn’t even start yet and we were still setting up.  That’s when we were approached by the balloon maker hired for the event who sported a huuuuge smile on her face.

“OMG,” she said with wide eyes. “SoHo Taco is here!”

She just parked her car and on her way in she noticed our van from a distance.  From there she had the excited tone of voice like she ran into an old friend.

“I’ve worked with you guys before and your food was AWESOME!”  Then, she continued thinking out load, “OMG, that means the food is going to be good today.”

LOL!!!  So, funny!!  Well, that definitely made us smile and thankfully, given the positive reviews that we got afterwards, she was right!

So, the next time you see one of our catering vans parked out in front of your next special occasion and/or a very exuberant balloon maker, then you know you’ll be in for a tasty treat!

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