Taco Catering A Wedding Reception At The Los Angeles Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Center for the Arts - Eagle Rock - Los Angeles - CA
A view of the first dance from our taco catering cart last
Saturday at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock
(Los Angeles, CA).

[W]ith oustanding weather comes the season of matrimony and last weekend was no exception.

Over the past few months, SoHo Taco has had the honor and the privilege of providing taco catering for numerous wedding receptions and one of the most beautiful ones took place last Saturday at the Center for the Arts, located in the Los Angeles suburb of Eagle Rock.Check out our pictures!

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Center for the Arts - Eagle Rock - Los Angeles - CA - Facebook
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This stunning venue was originally built as a community library in 1914 and since then has been registered as a landmark with the Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources.

Now, take a good look at our photos and you’ll immediately notice something particularly interesting.  In fact, we’ve done many weddings before but this was definitely something we’ve never experienced and we were genuinely concerned.

Can you guess?  

That’s right …. we’re grilling indoors!  (Why?  What else were you thinking?)

When we found out that we had to bring the cart into the the building, our first thought was that this place was going to fill up with smoke from our grills!  But, it never happened.  Apparently, the high vaulted ceilings and classic French windows helped aerate the place enough so no one was ever bothered.  * whew! *

In the end, the festive atmosphere, the loving family & friends and the gorgeous locale made this wedding reception one of the most memorable and enjoyable for our crew.  Congratulations to the handsome couple and we certainly look forward to serving everyone again very soon!

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