SoHo Taco Recently Featured in Gluten-Free Living Magazine

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering & Food Truck - Gluten Free Magazine - Featured Article
A tray of some of SoHo Taco’s very best gluten-free tacos next
to the most recent issue of Gluten-Free Living magazine.

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering & Food Truck - Gluten Free Magazine - Featured Article - Chris
Chris Vasquez showing off the Gluten-Free Living article mentioning SoHo Taco while working the front of the food truck.
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[I]t’s one thing to create great tasting products that just happen to be gluten-free. But, it’s a whole other thing to get national recognition!

SoHo Taco is thrilled and very proud to announce that we were just featured in an article by leading health magazine Gluten-Free Living!

In a write up entitled Meals on Wheels: Trendy Trucks Going GF, editor and author Amy Ratner covers the growing food truck movement here in the US and the mobile kitchens that carry wheat, barley & rye free products, like yours truly!

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It is extremely informative and a terrific resource for finding that next gluten-free meal off of a gourmet food truck anywhere in the country.

In it, Ratner interviewed fellow foodtrucker Good Karma Kitchen of Ft. Worth, Texas in addition to SoHo Taco. Here’s just a portion of the article that came out in their fall issue:

[quote author=” – Amy Ratner, Gluten Free Living Magazine”]Soho Taco keeps its truck gluten free by focusing totally on gourmet tacos. ‘We like to keep it simple,’ says Rico Revilla, director of marketing and publicity.

Traditional Mexican cuisine is naturally gluten-free so it was easy to commit to a gluten-free menu. ‘Burritos and Flour tortillas – although very good – are more of an American invention and we have no plans of implementing either on our truck,’ Revilla says.

The truck sports a colorful modern logo, with three circles containing a knife, fork and spoon. It serves four classic taco fillings, plus shrimp, lobster and salmon. The corn tortillas are handmade and five salsas are made fresh daily.

Like most food trucks, Soho Taco changes location frequently, covering Orange and Los Angeles counties and Southern California.[/quote]

You can read the article in its entirety by picking up an issue at your local Barnes & Noble, supermarket or by visiting their official site and starting a subscription.

This truly is an honor for us here at SoHo Taco headquarters. The interesting thing is that we never set out to create gluten-free products. It was just something that came naturally since we specialize in traditional Mexican cuisine. And, it’s good to know that our food is not only great tasting but good for you!

Meanwhile, a HUGE thanks goes out to Amy Ratner and the rest of the crew at Gluten-Free Living Magazine for mentioning us. It’s a very beautiful article and wonderfully laid out. And, we certainly hope to have the opportunity to show you how delicious, traditional GF tacos can be very, very soon!

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