Private Food Truck Catering For The UCI Department of Chemistry in Irvine, CA

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Irvine - Orange County - CA
Private gourmet food truck catering for the UCI Department of Chemistry
last night under stunning Orange County skies.

What better way to introduce out-of-town guests to Southern California living than with an eye-popping show in the sky courtesy of Mother Nature and outstanding gourmet tacos?

Last night in the City of Irvine SoHo Taco had the great pleasure of providing private gourmet food truck catering for staff and prospective graduate students of the UCI Department of Chemistry.  Many of the attendees flew in from various part of the country where being outdoors this time of year can be a bit challenging and good Mexican food is few and far between.

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SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Irvine - Orange County - CA - Facebook Album
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As the afternoon transitioned into evening, the atmosphere became even more mind-blowing.  The sky turned various awe inspiring shades of blue and orange.  And, then the second stunner hit the guests as they bit into their hand held meals: exquisite flavors.

One by one, attendees approached our truck with humbling compliments for the food, the visual appeal and service provided by our crew.

Overall it was a wonderful evening for everyone all around because even our crew had a fantastic time!

It truly was an honor to be part of this gorgeous evening and we certainly hope to serve everyone again real soon.

And, to our out-of-town visitors that we met last night, enjoy the rest of your stay in Southern California!

SoHo Taco Promo Video

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