APRIL SPECIAL PROTOTYPES: Seafood Tacos on Fresh Handmade Blue Corn Tortillas

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Truck - Orange County - Test Kitchen - Prototype - April Special - Calamari Tacos on Blue Corn Tortilla
April food truck special prototype: calamari tacos on a
fresh, handmade blue corn tortilla.

“Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?”

Disney’s Pocohontas may have been singing about the Colors of the Wind, but let us introduce you to something else that can be related to blue corn: fresh, handmade tortillas.

Here at the SoHo Taco test kitchen we’re already thinking up ideas for our April food truck special.  So, Chef Gabe and the executive team got together the other day to try out some prototype tacos and, needless to say, we’re pretty sure that wolf would still be crying to blue corn …. but this time with tears of joy.

Check out our pictures from that day:

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Truck - Orange County - Test Kitchen - Prototype - April Special - Seafood Tacos on Blue Corn Tortilla
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We tested out three variations that day: lobster, scallops and calamari.  All of them spectacular, absolutely unique in their own way and no less memorable.

And, as for the freshly made blue corn tortilla, it was in a word outstanding.  If you’ve never tried this traditional masa before, it brings a deeper, nuttier tone to the mixture and adds another wonderful flavor dimension unlike it’s white corn counterpart.

You may have had it in the form of chips, hard shell or bagged tortillas.  But, here in the US outside of private kitchens, freshly made blue corn tortilla tacos served by any restaurant – let alone a TRUCK!! – is super rare and virtually non-existent.  We don’t understand why either because this really does add a beautiful flavor component and we hope you like it, too.

Our team is still deciding which taco we’ll be serving next month, but one thing is for sure … it’s definitely going to be one of the best ones we have ever created.

We can’t wait to serve it to you next month so stay tuned!

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