That First Sizzle When The Ingredient Hits The Grill

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You can almost hear the sizzling sound the camarones make when they first hit the grill.

After the taco cart is set up but before the arrival of the guests, there’s a special moment that signals that you’re in for a delicious treat: the first sizzle. It’s when the ingredients first hit the grill and you know flavor is being created.

Witness it here in this short :15 video:

A short but mouth-watering video capturing the sights & sounds of our finest ingredients hitting the grill.
(Click to view on YouTube)

Some call it the “Maillard Reaction” and others “searing”. In either case, it’s when the you know that flavor is being created on the outside while juicy flavors are getting locked in on the inside.

The next time you’re in front of one of our carts be sure to listen in on that very moment. Then, prepare yourself for wonderful culinary treat.

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