Tasting Night & Introducing Five Outstanding Appetizers

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Main
Guests enjoying themselves before our taco catering cart at corporate headquarters last Tuesday night.
SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Chef Javier
Chef Javier and his exclusive creations for SoHo Taco.

Bringing a whole new meaning to “Taco Tuesdays”, tasting night at SoHo Taco headquarters earlier this week was nothing less than spectacular.

Once a month we invite our valued guests, their friends and family to give our taco catering carts a test run.  On that night they get the chance to try out our cuisine, take measurements and get an overall sense of what to expect before engaging us for their special event.

The most recent one took place last Tuesday night and our very own Chef Javier pulled out all the stops!

Our super talented executive chef dazzled our guests with some of the finest appetizers ever created this side of the border.  Reaching back to his vast experience at several well-known and critically acclaimed Mexican eateries in Southern California, he whipped up some of the finest aperitivos outside of Mexico.

We had the great pleasure of serving up five exquisite creations for everyone: (1) Coctel de Camaron, (2) Espada de Mango y Sandia, (3) Rebanadas de Tomate Heirloom, (4) Rebanadas de Bacalao, and, (5) Tostaditas de Salmón Humado.  And, they were just as stunning to look at as they sound.

Check out some of the vibrant, enticing pictures we took from that evening:

SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Espada de Mango & Sandia
Espada de Mango y Sandia: skewered mango and watermelon, seasoned and served sweet & sour salsa de chamoy.
SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Tostaditas de Salmón Humado
Tostaditas de Salmón Humado: wild caught sockeye salmon with capers, lemon zest and cream cheese served on a tostadita.
SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Rebanadas de Bacalao
Rebanadas de Bacalao: flakey Canadian white fish poached in caldo miche and white wine served on a fresh herb aioli spread on a toasted bolillo slice.
SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Cocktail de Camaron
Coctel de Camaron: shrimp poached in caldo miche, served over a layer of jalapeno avocado aioli and tequila cocktail sauce.
SoHo Taco Gourmet Taco Catering - Tasting Night - Heirloom Tomato Rebandas
Rebanadas de Tomate Heirloom: Vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil served on a toasted bolillo slice.

After serving up these delectable treats, everyone was treated to our some of our finest gourmet tacos all served on hand-pressed tortillas.  And, to top it off we offered refreshing wines and award-winning Mexican beers to wash it all down.

Sure, it was only a tasting night but it was easily one the best culinary events in Orange County, if not Southern California.  And, we certainly hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

We do plan on doing this once a month and if you’d like more information on our taco catering services, our exquisite appetizers and/or attending the next tasting night just drop us a line at (714) 805-6218 or info@sohotaco.com and we’d be more than happy to tell you more.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and hope to see you again soon!

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