A Terrific Trio Of Tacos For Today’s Wedding

On this beautiful Saturday we will be catering a lovely wedding in downtown Los Angeles with the mouth-watering tacos you see above: our succulent shrimp, the flavor-packed chilorio taco and our exquisite veggie tacos, all on fresh hand-pressed tortillas.The bride and groom paid us a visit last May during one of our tasting nights and absolutely adored the shrimp & veggie tacos.  Then, they passed by our food truck and fell in love with our then May special chilorio taco.  And, the rest is history.

As these words are being typed, the kitchen is absolutely bustling right now making final arrangements to make sure every taco served today is just as spectacular as they were last May.  And, so far so good!

In a few moments our crew is going to head out to L.A. and start grilling for all the guests. We certainly hope you are one of the lucky attendees at the reception so you can taste the same flavors this lovely couple fell in love with and taste how we earned the honor to cater this wonderful occasion.

See you soon!

SoHo Taco Promo Video

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