Rebanadas De Tomates Heirloom Appetizers at Red Horse Barn

Featuring sweet vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes on a crisp buttery toast, our Rebanada de Tomates Heirloom appetizers were a fantastic way to start off the festivities last Saturday at Red Horse Barn.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom Appetizers - Red Horse Barn - Orange County - CA
Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom Appetizers were one of the tasty appetizers that we served last Saturday at The Red Horse Barn.

As beautiful and enjoyable as a wedding ceremony can be these wonderful occasions certainly do have their challenges. And, one of those can be starving guests! Remember, often they haven’t eaten since breakfast (if at all!) so once the vows are exchanged stomachs are rumbling.

Last Saturday at the wedding that we catered at The Red Horse Barn of Huntington Beach, our chefs were hard at work trying to stave off hangry guests by using one of our best arsenals: the simple yet delight Rebanada de Tomates Heirloom appetizers.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Wedding - Red Horse Barn - Preparing appetizers
Our friendly, expert chefs quickly preparing appetizers on the taco cart at The Red Horse Barn just before the wedding vows were exchanged.

We start off by sourcing fresh baked baguettes and then cutting them them on the bias; that is, we angle the slice at about 45°. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it also helps hold more ingredients.

From there we toast the pieces in the oven to the point where they’re nice and crispy on the outside, but still moist and spongy on the inside.

Next comes the sweet layer of vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes. By allowing it ripen on the vine it allows the produce to naturally sweeten. And, once we get them just right, they’re carefully cut into little cubes the almost the size of dice.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Wedding - Red Horse Barn - Rebanada de Tomates Heirloom Appetizers - OC
Heirloom tomatoes layered on onto freshly toasted baguette slices are like shiney jewels in a display case.

Now we have our main ingredient. When done correctly we always end up with what looks like a jewelry case of brightly colored precious stones ready for the next step.

From there there we toss the tomatoes with our special blend of herbs and spices that help bring out their natural flavors. After for some time to let the flavors marry we brought the batch to Huntington Beach where, well, the lovely couple themselves got married.

While the bride and groom were exchanging vows, our expert chefs took the fresh made toast and started to scoop up generous portions of heirloom tomatoes onto the slices carefully. The toast was a bit fragile so we have to take extra precautions.

After setting out enough pieces to feed more than a hundred guests, it was time to dress the appetizers by adding a layer of salty cheese on top to help create a wonderful balance between the savoriness and sweetness.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom Appetizers - Red Horse Barn - Orange County - CA - 000
The appetizers are layered with salty cheese to help balance between savory & sweet.

Finally we crown each creation with mildly peppery micro-greens for added color as well as providing another rich flavor dimension.

Now, they’re ready!

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom Appetizers - Red Horse Barn - Orange County - CA - 001
The hand-held treats are then topped off with peppery micro-greens for added color & flavors.

Not too long after the couple said their I-Do’s, all the guests approached our taco cart and reached for these wonderful hand-held delights.

Once they took bite, they’re greeted by an audible unmistakable crunch from the buttered crostinis. Then, their palate encounters a blanket of flavor from the sweet produce and savory dairy. It may be a simple combination, but just like the wedding they just witness it’s an exquisite union of terrifically diverse components.

This was just one of many of the appetizers that we served that day and fortunately we had enough for the hundred plus hungry guests in attendance. Because everyone had to wait about another hour or more before the tacos were ready,this was an excellent way to appease growling bellies while whetting the appetite for the great food to come.

We had a terrific time preparing these tasty treats and we had an even better time watching everyone’s face washing over with pleasure biting into them.

Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom are one of countless items in our repetoire of appetizers that we prepare for special occasions such as this. And, we’re happy the lovely couple chose it for their monumental day.

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