Grilling Shrimp For A La Canada Thursday Club Wedding

Grilling Shrimp For A La Canada Thursday Club Wedding
Easily one of the highlights of last Saturday’s wedding at La Cañada Thursday Club was our succulent, buttery Tacos de Camarones (“Shrimp Tacos”).

We served many wonderful tacos on that beautiful warm evening and this was clearly one of the favorites since it was gobbled up so quickly!

But, before we get into the yummy details of this popular dish first we have a shrimp fact:

FACT: Did you know that in order to attract fish, cleaning shrimp wave their white antennae and do a little dance? Several shrimp species, known as cleaners, safely venture inside the open mouths of fishes to remove bloodsucking parasites. Now that’s a mouthful. (Source)

Back to our story….

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Wedding - La Canada Thursday Club - Tossing Shrimp On The Grill

Grilling & tossing succulent shrimp at the the La Canada wedding last Saturday.

At last Saturday’s wedding while everyone was witnessing the vows, we were working furiously in the back witnessing the grill. On deck was our thick, chunky morsels of seafood goodness.

We started out by peeling and deveining the shrimp back in our kitchen. It’s a bit labor intensive, but so worth it. Next, we marinade the batch in our special blend of herbs and spices until they’re good and ready, then they get loaded in into their transport bags and off they go to the event.

Once the crew arrived in La Cañada they heated up the grill until it was blazing hot. From there they poured the juicy contents of the bag onto the flat top and let the little critters start to sizzle.


Remember, all during this time we had to do this quietly, of course. We didn’t want to disturb the ceremony taking place at the simultaneously.

So, without making a sound, we whipped out the ready made garlic butter that the kitchen prepared for the crew. We sliced a few dollops with the spatula and carefully placed just the right amounts all over the sizzling ingredients.

After a few minutes the seafood starts to turn a bit orange like a President. At that point our chef knew it was time to give it a few spins on the grill. So, with an expert flick of the wrist, we tossed it about until it was cooked evenly. Again, ever so quietly!

On a side note, we did do our very best to stay super silent. But, I’m sure the hypnotic aromas of garlic, butter and succulent seafood must have been a bit distracting. To anyone whose attention was slightly kidnapped by the captivating smells we say “sorry!”

Another several minutes pass by and the shrimp is ready. It’s not cooked all the way through, but just enough because once stored in its container it definitely continues to cooking process.

Fast forward to after the exchange of vows and the dinner announcement was made, it was time to serve up this hand-held delicacy.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Wedding - La Canada Thursday Club - Serving Shrimp Tacos

At the Thursday Club wedding last Saturday, we topped off the shrimp tacos with a quick squeeze of our signature Chipotle Sour Cream before serving them up.

Once a guest spotted this seafood option and placed their order, we immediately threw a few morsels of goodness onto the grill to quickly reheat them. Just a minute is all it needs to get back to its delicious state.

Meanwhile, as the shrimp sizzled for a second time, we took a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla and layered it with cheese. After a few hot seconds, we placed the shrimp onto the layer of cheese which quickly melted the dairy to a gooey consistency.

Next we crowned the shrimp with fresh, grated cabbage and then topped it off with chipotle sour cream.

If you haven’t tried our renowned shrimp tacos, please be sure not to pass it up. It’s easily one of our favorite tacos in our lineup and on this wedding reception evening it was definitely a highlight of the menu.

And, believe it not TONIGHT this tantalizing delight is yours for only 99¢ during happy hour! Check it out & hope to see you there: DINNER 5PM to 8:30PM Cismontane Brewing Company, 1409 E Warner Ave Ste. C, Santa Ana, CA [99¢ Taco Happy Hour 5P-6P]. Join us!

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