Serving Tostaditas De Salmón Ahumado Appetizers In Simi Valley

Everyone loves a wedding! We absolutely adore them. But, one of the challenges of these wonderful events is making sure there aren’t any grumbling bellies. And, last weekend in Simi Valley between the I-Do’s and the “Let’s eat!” we had the opportunity to keep everyone appetites at bay with our Tostaditas De Salmón Ahumado appetizers.

SOHO TACO - Wedding Catering - Hummingbird Nest Ranch - Simi Valley - Assembling Appetizers in the Backyard
Situated in the rear portion of the sprawling Hummingbird Nest Ranch Estate, we were fervently assembling our salmon appetizers in this adorable outdoor kitchen.

Be sure to click Page 2 below to read more about this beautiful wedding this mouth-watering hand-held delight.

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