Check Out The Prep We Did Today For A Placentia Office Party


Holiday office parties are in full force here in Orange County and SOHO TACO is there to make the season delicious. Of course, we love grilling on site with our taco cart but sometimes you have a rather intimate occasion or you’re celebrating at a venue where it just wouldn’t be practical, and no problem! Our drop off delivery packages are a delicious way to tantalize smaller gatherings.

But, don’t take our word for it, check out this wonderful 5 star Yelp review we just received earlier today:


SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Spicy Potato Taco - Yelp Review
5☆ Yelp review by Michael L., of Central Los Angeles CA (December 14, 2017)


“Had SOHO TACO cater our office holiday party. They were professional from start to finish and the food was amazing! I heard from several co-workers ‘I’ve had A LOT of taco trucks and this has to be one of, if not THE best I’ve ever had’.”
– 5 ☆ Yelp review by Michael L., of Central Los Angeles CA.

Isn’t that incredible?! Thanks, Michael! So glad to hear that you and your co-workers enjoyed our cuisine and our service. We definitely had a great time and we hope to grill for you again soon.

Today we had several drop off catering deliveries in the area where we were asked to help feed starving office folks, one of which is in beautiful Placentia CA for a leading healthcare facility and everything was grilled, prepped and dropped off. Hope they enjoyed it, too!


For this order, we fed 25 wonderful guests and they ordered the SOHO Package, which is usually at least three different types of tacos. In this case, we are grilled Carne Asada, Pollo Asado and Spicy Potato. Whether you are a vegetarian or omnivorous, it looks like we had a little bit of something for everyone.

But, there’s more!

Accompanying this delightful trio was an order of our creamy black beans and fluffy lemon rice. Those two always go great together and they perfectly accompanied our trio of tacos.

And, to help make the occasion even more delectable, at least two pounds of guacamole was ordered, which is going to be fantastic either on the tacos themselves or even on a fresh made tortilla chip. We literally just made this condiment moments before delivery so hopefully they noticed how fresh it was.

Alongside this wonderful selection of tacos and side dishes was a traditional selection of onions, cilantro and limes. We only use farm fresh produce that we proudly prepare in house to assure the best quality and experience.


SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Spicy Potato Taco - Placentia Drop Off (300)
Not only did we grill up juicy pollo asado and savory carne asada, we also proudly presented our signature Spicy Potato Taco for today’s drop off delivery.

Once everything was prepared, packed up and sealed, we carefully place one of our brand of stickers on the packaging to help everyone determine what item was delivered and, of course, showcase who made the food as well.

From there everything was handed off to one of our friendly deliverers who whisked away the prized package and headed straight for Placentia.

We’re told it was delivered on time and now we wait to see if everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a terrific time preparing today’s lunch for this fine establishment and we certainly hope everyone had the same 5 star experience Michael had above.

If you have an upcoming gathering and you’re looking to try the same “amazing food” as described in today’s review, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. SOHO TACO deliveries are perfect for any occasion!

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