Grilling A Terrific Selection Of Tacos For Lunch Today At The Met

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Among the wonderful selection of tacos that we plan on serving today at The Met are our signature Pollo Asado & Carne Asada.

How was your weekend? Hopefully it was rather delicious and hopefully you’re off to a great start of the new week. If not perhaps may we interest you in a terrific selection of tacos to help set things straight?

Today from 11A to 2PM we have the pleasure of returning to one of our favorite spots The Met located at 575 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA.

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Among the plethora of mouth-watering treats that we plan on grilling we will have our classic favorites Pollo Asado & Carne Asada, both served on a fresh hand-pressed tortilla.

These two items traditionally come with only the protein and the tortilla, which leaves you with your own leeway to create your very own masterpiece.

Would you like to add a little onion? Sure, go for it. Farm fresh salsa? Why not? Divorce papers? Knock yourself out!

In any case, if you’ve got the Monday blue stop by the truck today. We’ve got something to help make things better, one bite at a time. See you soon!

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