Enjoy Salsa Verde For Sale On The Food Truck For $5.99 Per Container


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Our spicy signature Salsa Verde is for sale at all food truck stops for only $5.99 per container.

Are you ready for the downpour? It was supposed to touchdown yesterday, so we were all ready with our tents and everything …. but nada! Well, this time it looks to be a sure thing, maybe? Who knows, either way we’re ready for the drenching at all our events today.

We do have a food truck stop and several catering events later this afternoon, but the rain is definitely not going to melt away the grilling and the thrilling we have planned for today.

Let’s talk about one of the menu items you’ll find at all of our events, our super popular salsa verde.


SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Wedding - Island Hotel - Newport Beach CA - Salsa Verde
Made with fire roasted jalapeños and our special blend of herbs and spices, our salsa verde is insanely popular at private catered events as well as on the food truck.

Despite its smooth, creamy texture there is no avocado in this spicy condiment. In fact, it’s made with pure oven roasted jalapeños. Crazy huh?  It’s prepared in our own kitchen’s oven and when its at its smokey peak of goodness, we mix it with our own special blend of herbs and spices.

The result is a creamy, rich condiment that packs just enough heat to wake up the senses but then follows it up with wonderfully deep flavor that rounds out the experience.

The great thing is its versatility. It’s just as enjoyable on our carne asada as it is on our mahi mahi. Want to spice up the tortilla chips? Just dabble a bit on the side. Trying to make your tax forms more palatable? Just dunk and enjoy.

Often we’re asked if this spicy treat is for sale and the answer is “Yes!” At all of our food truck stops we’re proud to carry containers of this condiment, which some have labeled as “the green crack“, for only $5.99 a container. So, that way you can enjoy a little drizzle with every meal for several days to come!

Today we plan on serving (rain or shine) at Vans HQ, 1588 South Coast Dr #CostaMesa CA, where we’ll have a good supply of this green gold on hand.

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Remember, this condiment is still going to be available for free if you’d like to spice up any of our hand-held delights at all our food truck and private catering events. But, for those who’d like enough to carry them over for several days and/or to fill in a tub, well just drop us a line or pass by our food truck stop.

Also, our salsa verde comes standard in all over our private catering packages. So, to those of you who don’t get dissolved by today’s rains, you’re in for a wonderful emerald delight later today.

In the meantime, we’re making a huge batch today for all our stops and catering events, so there’s plenty to go around.

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