Grilling Carnitas At The San Diego Botanic Garden

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - San Diego Botanical Garden Wedding - Carnitas
One of the many selections of tacos at last Saturday’s wedding was the lovely batch of carnitas.

It’s a bit of a grey May today, what more is there to say? Lots!

First of all, we greatly apologize to everyone at Vans HQ today. We were scheduled to bring our food truck back to one of our favorite haunting grounds, but one of our crew members called in sick early (get well soon!) and we couldn’t find a replacement in time. Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious and we expect to see again soon. But, darn sorry for missing out on the lunchtime fun at Vans!

In the meantime, we are still on schedule to grill this evening in Tustin: DINNER 5PM to 8PM Residence Inn, 15181 Newport Ave, Tustin CA.

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If we missed you earlier today, hopefully we’ll have the opportunity grill for you there.

Speaking of grilling, today’s lead photo was taken on one of our carts during last Saturday’s wedding at the gorgeous San Diego Botanic Gardens. And, if you missed our blog detailing the good time that we had be sure to click here and check it out.

At that wedding reception we had the opportunity to grill many of our classic tacos and all were served on a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla. And, one of those delectable items is our succulent carnitas.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - San Diego Botanic Garden - Wedding - View of Taco Cart
Comfortably situated in the gazebo area of the garden, our taco truck quickly filled the atmosphere with the sweet aroma of carnitas in the near vicinity.

To make this slow braised delight, we start out with high quality pork that we simmer on the stove over low heat for over several hours. And, we throw in fistfulls of our special blend of herbs and spices. Then, we wrap it up and transport it directly to the event site.

When the batch gets to the party, wedding, food truck stop, etc., it’s already fully cooked. Our on site chefs simply have to throw on the grill for a quick reheating and then slap it onto a tortilla once an order is placed.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - San Diego Botanical Garden - Grilling Carnitas
When the batch of carnitas arrives on site it’s already fully cooked. It just needs a quick grilling to help reheat it and bring out that incredible caramelized flavor.

The result is a deeply flavorful tacos that just oozes with umami. Some folks like to add a little bit of salsa, onions and cilantro, but it’s actually pretty darn good by itself.

Tonight we have the pleasure of bringing a fresh made batch to tonight’s stop at Residence Inn. So, if you’d like bite into some of the same great recipe that we served at last Saturday’s wedding, be sure to swing by and ask for this classic.

And, similar to the one we served in San Diego, tonight’s version is also going to be served on a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla.

Hopefully all this talk of carnitas has your mouth-watering and hopefully we’ll see you tonight. Once again, our deepest apologies to everyone at Vans HQ & hope to serve everyone again soon.

Buen provecho!

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