Delightful And Exquisite Sopesito Appetizers With Mole De Pollo

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Sopesitos De Pollo - Orange County - OC
A quartet of our exquisite Sopesito Appetizers with Mole de Pollo.

Believe it or not June is almost over. Crazy huh? Here at SOHO TACO HQ we’re getting ready for the next month with some great specials as usual. We usually send out this info on our email newsletter that we send out once a month. If you’d like to stay in touch and sign up for it be sure to shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to add you!

In the meantime, let us tell you about one of the appetizers we plan on serving at a few events this weekend.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, meet our delightful and exquisite Sopesito Appetizer, which is stuffed with the sophisticated and tantalizing flavors of traditional mole de pollo. We first debuted this tasty treat during our May tasting night and it was a hit! Now we have the opportunity to showcase it as part of a few appetizer menus this weekend.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Sopesitos de Mole de Pollo - Delectable - Orange County - OC
Made with fresh made mini sopes stuffed with sophisticated mole de pollo, this exquisite appetizer is a perfect way to kick off the festivities.

Sopes are a traditional Mexican treat that’s characterized by it’s thick, deep-fried masa or dough and with edges that are curved upwards to shape it similar to a little bowl. Often it’s served with chicken, steak or any variety of meats.

For our version of this hand-held delight, we make the masa much smaller, almost bite sized. Then, we shape it in more of a thimble-like formation and then we give it a quick, shall we say, hot oil treatment. From there we stuff it with tender, marinated chicken, spoon on top a bit of our exquisite mole and then top it off with traditional white cotija cheese.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Sopesitos de Mole de Pollo - Orange County - OC
Bite sized and easy to handle, this delectable hand held treat is as beautiful as it is delicious.

The flavor combination is as tremendous as it is beautiful to look at. The savory/sweet mole combined with the pollo is a classic combination and it’s easy to taste why. Couple that with the fresh made masa container and you’ve got a winning recipe that’s perfect for kicking off any festivity.

In fact, we plan on serving it up at no less than 4 events over the next few days, from a wedding up in San Luis Obispo to a birthday in Newport Beach and a couple in between.

If you’re interested in adding this instant classic to your upcoming special event, be sure to contact one of our friendly event coordinators at (714) 793-9392 or and they’d be happy to hook you up.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday and see you soon.

Buen provecho!

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