How to Create a Taco Bar That’ll Be the Talking Point of Your Party

Trying to find the best way to serve tacos at your party? You need to create a taco bar. Keep reading to learn how to create a taco bar that’ll steal the show.

Cue the lights, stock the beverages, and set up the taco bar!

It’s showtime! 

Parties are a great way to connect and share a laugh with the people we love. They’re an excellent time to catch up and to welcome new people into our lives. No matter the occasion, we always have to consider how exactly to entertain our guests.

As well as what to feed them. 

It’s difficult enough fitting a large crowd of people into our homes. So, for that reason, we’ll need to get creative, especially when it comes to setting out food for our guests. 

This is why having a taco bar at our parties is a great idea! Not only do they take up minimal space, but they give people an abundance of options to choose from. It’s a win-win scenario.

Want to learn how to set up the perfect taco bar for your next party?

Read on to discover the best taco bar ideas and how to decorate them for a variety of occasions. 

Creating a Taco Bar Your Guests Will Love

Taco bars allow your guests to create their own favorite combinations to enjoy. They can make nachos, a taco salad, or enjoy a plate full of tacos. Explore the following tips to create a taco bar for your next party that will have all your guests talking. 

1. Main Ingredient

Taco bars create variety because the number of ingredients and toppings to include are endless. 

To start, plan which meats you’d like to include in your taco bar. At least two meat options are best, but you can have four or more. It’s also a good idea to include red meat, such as steak or ground beef, and white meat, like chicken or pork.

Chorizo, seasoned pork sausage, is also a fan favorite for a taco bar.  

You can also include a seafood option like shrimp or fish, which is a great idea for a coastal themed party. For non-meat eaters, include a mix vegetable option with vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini, and onions. 

Then you’ll want to decide what kind of shells and/or tortillas to serve. You can choose between hard shell, flour tortillas, or corn tortillas. It’s also a good idea to lay out chips for nachos and dipping.

2. Toppings and Dips

Next, you’ll want to decide on toppings. Standard taco bar toppings include iceberg lettuce, onions, cheese, and diced tomatoes. But you can also add in rice, beans, and chopped cilantro. 

For extra flavor and color, you can also add in sliced limes.

You can also use dips as toppings. Salsa, guacamole, and queso are all great dip choices. Pico de Gallo is also a great choice for a taco bar topping. 

Decide in advance how many salsas you want to include in your taco bar. Some people enjoy a milder salsa whereas others prefer a spicier salsa. Having a variety of salsas from mild to hot is sure to satisfy all your guests.

3. Utensils

Next, you’ll need to decide on which utensils to use. Taco bars require a lot of utensils for each topping, so prepare yourself to buy these in large quantities.

For the meats and larger veggies, you’ll need large serving spoons. For toppings like lettuce and shredded cheese, it’s best to use small to medium-size tongs. For dips and sauces, use spoons. 

Make sure that each ingredient has its own serving utensil. This helps the taco bar line to move quickly and smoothly. It will also keep your guests happy knowing they won’t need to borrow utensils from other bowls.

Using utensils from other bowls could also be a no-go for people who are allergic to certain foods. It could also be a problem for people who are vegan or vegetarian. 

4. Bowls

Each ingredient requires its own bowl or serving platter/dish. This may seem like a lot of bowls, but it makes sure that all the ingredients stay separated. 

Select the bowls based on your party theme if possible. For Cinco De Mayo, choose festive and brightly colored bowls. And, for more formal occasions, opt for white or black bowls. 

5. Set Up

Finally, it’s time for setting up the taco bar!

To set up the taco bar, start with your tortillas, shells, and chips. This provides a base for your guests to build their entrees on. Next, set out the beans and rice for people who want to add this on before the meat.

Next to the base ingredients should be the meats and vegetable option. After that, set up a large bowl of lettuce for people who want to make taco salads. This will make it easier for them to add meat without having to go back to the beginning of the line. 

Next, should be all your non-dip toppings such as shredded cheese, tomatoes, and chopped onions. Last on your taco bar table or counter will be the dips. Guests can add dip to the top or side of any taco, salad, or nachos. 

6. Decor 

You can also include on your taco bar table an assortment of decor. The decor you use should reflect the party’s theme and add to the fun of the taco bar. 

For example, if you’re having a taco bar at a Halloween party, you can include spooky labels for each ingredient. You could also lay out on the table an orange table cloth and fake plastic spiders. 

For a more formal occasion, you can use a navy blue tablecloth. You can then label each ingredient with a crisp white label detailing what each ingredient is. Labels will be especially important for guests seeking out a specific salsa temperature. 

Ready to Set Up Your Taco Bar?

Taco bars are a fun and creative way to feed your guests at any party. They allow your guests the freedom to serve themselves and the options to satisfy their taste buds. 

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