Wedding Catering At Temecula Creek Cottage

Gourmet taco cart catering by SOHO TACO at the ultra romantic Temecula Creek Cottages located in scenic Temecula CA.
Gourmet taco cart catering by SOHO TACO at the ultra romantic Temecula Creek Cottages located in scenic Temecula CA.

With sweeping views of the 2019 Superbloom, romantic interludes and mouth-watering cuisine, last weekend was filled with enjoyment and certainly one we won’t soon forget.

On Saturday we had the great pleasure of catering for a gorgeous wedding at the Temecula Creek Cottages, an exceptional venue nestled in between emerald green hills and warm Southern California sunshine. Essentially, as the name suggests, it’s a collection of cottages in a remote part of the valley with a ideal event space area that’s made for weddings and special occasions.

For this very special occasion we served up festive appetizers, incredible side dishes, tantalizing condiments and salsas as well as some of our finest tacos. And, on today’s blog post we have all the colorful images to prove it!

In fact, here’s a quick little video showcasing the great time we had:

Check out this quick video showcasing may of the sights and sounds of the great time we had.

In case you haven’t heard, Southern California is currently going to an incredible Superbloom that’s blanketing the entire state due to the record rains we’ve been having. This resulted in a drive southward that was absolutely stunning and served as an excellent segue into a wonderful time ahead.

SOHO TACO Gourmet Taco Catering - Temecula Creek Cottage - Superbloom Highway
The drive through Lake Elsinore treated guests en route to the wedding a stunning view of the 2019 Superbloom taking place on the hillsides.

Although Spring was just around the corner it was still on the chilly side, so a huge event tent was set up in the main event area so the guests can party in comfort throughout the day.

Meanwhile, we set up the taco cart right next to the tent for easy access. We were within earshot of the ceremony area and in ground zero of the festivities.

To help get the party started we served up some of our finest appetizers and side dishes. For example, we had the pleasure of passing around our Rebanadas de Tomates Heirloom, Cocteles de Camaron and our exquisite Tostaditas de Ceviche.

In order to serve up these tantalizing delights our hard-working crew assembled all the appetizers and placed them on shiny elegant trays. Then, we carefully transported each one and placed them on a table so guests can serve themselves.

And, judging by how fast they were gobbled up …. they were a hit!

To help round out everyone’s meals we also offered a huge serving of our fresh made tortilla chips, our silky smooth refried beans and fluffy Spanish rice.

All of this was being prepared as the wedding party was assembled for the outdoor ceremony with friends and family. Don’t worry! We were made sure noise was kept at a minimum so we wouldn’t disturb the most important part of the evening.

Once the vows were exchanged, it was time to put the taco cart in high gear!

For this occasion we had the great pleasure of serving up our Premier Package, so we had five selections of some of our finest tacos: succulent camarones, rich veggie tacos, savory carne asada, tantalizing pollo asado and exceptional carnitas. It was a veritable feast!

The hilarious DJ helped keep things civil on the taco cart. He dismissed each table using trivia. So, if any table was able to name off the Bride and/or Grooms’s favorite movie, place where they met or pet’s name, they were excused to come grab their meals. So as you might guess those who really, truly knew the couple got to eat first. Great job!

But, the flavors didn’t stop at the taco cart. Once guests placed their orders and received their tacos they had the opportunity to create their own masterpiece by dressing them up with some of our very best condiments and salsas.

On hand were market fresh onions, limes and cilantro. As well as our spicy salsa verde made with pure jalapenos. No less enticing was a outstanding roasted red tomato salsa, creamy guacamole, sweet mango salsa and much more!

In the end we absolutely enjoyed ourselves and we had a great time interacting with loved ones that came from far and near. It was truly an honor to have been selected by the bride and groom for their special day and we look forward to serving everyone again soon.

If you have a wedding or special occasion coming up soon and you’d love to enjoy it in the great SoCal outdoors, definitely look into the Temecula Creek Cottages. It served as a beautiful setting for this lovely occasion and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Thanks again everyone. Hope you made it home safe and see you again soon. Buen provecho!

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