Delivery Or To Go Taco Catering, Perfect For Small Gatherings

During these challenging times it’s without a doubt the entire planet is experiencing something we have never expected before in the past and hopefully one we will never revisit again in the future.


Of course you may have heard that Governor Gavin Newsom just recently re-closed many businesses due to the recent surge in COVID cases, which is completely understandable. And, our hearts go out to the families and their loved one experiencing sheer hardships caused by the pandemic.

With respect to the renewed restrictions, one of the limitations is on the gathering of large groups. As of the date of this blog, the State of California discourages crowds of 100+. But, it’s probably a good idea to avoid crowded situations all together.




Despite the current state of affairs, life does go on. Some folks still plan on having that micro wedding, that intimate birthday party or any type of down-scaled festivity. But where can you go to celebrate?


As of today’s date, almost all indoor restaurants, bars and event spaces are prohibited from operating or at least hosting guests inside, which makes it difficult to gather the gang around for the special occasion.


Our delivery or to go catering packages are ideal for smaller, COVID-friendly gatherings.

As a result many have opted to simply stay at home and hold the party in the backyard, which is a great idea if you have the space. But, what about food?




Fortunately, as a proud member of the food service industry, our State considers our operations an essential service. This means that, unlike many of our less fortunate colleagues and neighbors, we are still permitted to operate by providing food and service for to go or delivery only, which is no problem at all.

SOHO TACO - Gourmet Taco Catering - Trays of Meats
Enjoy a terrific selection of proteins for your tacos such as carnitas, carne asada & pollo asado. We also have vegetarian options, too!

We have been providing food service not only as a catering company, but also as a food truck for several years. And, lately we have had the privilege of serving many satisfied customers via Orderstart, Ubereats, Grubhub, etc.


But, easily one of our more popular catering options is our delivery or to go taco catering package.




Our catering packages can feed between 15 to 30 people and have a rich selection of menu items and add ons.


For example, our Classico package comes with 2 taco selections, our SOHO comes with 3 and our Premiere has 4 to 5. All of them come with beans, rice, chips, salsas and condiments.

SOHO TACO - Gourmet Taco Catering - Delivery or To Go - Salsa
All of our packages come with a generous serving of our spicy & tasty jalapeno salsa.


What makes our package especially mouth-watering are the use of only high quality ingredients and time honored cooking techniques. The result is a top notch taco catering experience unlike any other.




This morning one of our clients ordered a package to express her appreciation for one of her clients. In fact, she often orders a package at least 2 or 3 times a month, which we’re absolutely grateful for.


Another order we received last weekend was for a cozy wedding reception. For this instance, our clients originally had a huge soiree planned, complete with full service catering and the works. But, well, you can guess what happened. 


And, just last Sunday we had the pleasure of preparing a to go order for a birthday party for Mike K in Costa Mesa. He liked it so much, he hopped onto Yelp, gave us a 5 star review and said he was “extremely pleased”. Thanks, Mike!




Ordering one of these packages is real simple. You can either call us at (714) 793-9392, email us at or order online on our website: Either way, one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.


Thanks for the consideration, stay safe out there and we look forward to serving you soon. 


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