Temecula Wedding At Terre De Fitz Vineyard

Truly romantic weddings are filled with loved ones, incredible food and a momentous atmosphere. Recently we had the great opportunity to play a key role in that triad when we grilled for a beautiful reception in the heart of the Temecula wine country.

Last Saturday we had the privilege of being selected by the bride and groom to provide our world class cuisine for their loved ones at one the newest venues called Terre de Fitz.

View of Temecula Wine Country from Terre de Fitz

The stunning location recently opened for business, easily making it one of the most sought after special event venues in Southern California. Boasting a beautiful man made lake, a wonderfully appointed ceremony site and barnyard backdrop perfect for any reception, this is an ideal space for any occasion.

For this special day, we had a team of three of our hardest working and super talented crew members on hand to help with the festivities. We loaded up the van from our headquarters in Orange County and headed South to Riverside county to get started with the task at hand.

A peak inside the barn.

Organizers wanted the taco cart strategically placed next to the barn so guests could easily line up for their meals, dress up their plates and then quickly return to their table inside. This worked out perfectly!

In fact, our team had a wonderful backdrop of the lake and the rolling vineyards as they whipped up their meals.

Handcrafted artistry surrounded the man made lake.

To start off the festivities, we dove right into cocktail hour with plenty of comforting mini bean and cheese burritos and delectable quesadillas. Irving and Rae did an amazing job preparing them on the taco cart and Berri dutifully served it up to the guests by laying them out on the appetizer table.

A dreamy ceremony site

Next we helped set up a side dish and condiments table off to the side where Rae everyone round out their meals with tasty options such as fluffy Spanish rice and creamy refried beans.

Taco Catering Cart just outside the barn.

Situated after those were our condiments and salsas, such as our spicy salsa verde, roasted red tomato salsa, onions, cilantro and limes. All farm fresh and ready for guests to enjoy.

Quesadilla appetizers ready to get the party started.

After the bride and groom exchanged their I Do’s, our team got to work grilling up the main courses. For this occasion, we offered our savory carne asada made with Certified Angus Beef, juicy pollo asado made with farm fresh poultry and delectable carnitas made with top quality pork.

Comforting mini bean and cheese burritos for cocktail hour

Berri and Irving worked the grill by cooking up the proteins on the taco cart as Rae took command of the side dishes and condiments, ready to answer any questions with a smile.

Captivating entranceway to the vineyard.

Once we heard the DJ start to dismiss the tables one-by-one, it was show time for our crew. Guests started to trickle out of the barn and toward the taco cart eager to see where the sweet aromas were coming from.

The bride and groom ready to make their grand entrance

As they approached, they ordered their plate full of tacos and proceeded down the line to help create their own hand held masterpiece by dressing it up with the condiments and salsas at Rae’s table.

Lovely Birdhouse overviewing the lake.

Overall it was another truly amazing taco catering experience and a wonderful wedding reception. Our team had a great time and we certainly hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

For more information on how SOHO TACO can help make your special occasions just as delicious feel free to drop us a line by calling (714) 793-9392 or emailing info@sohotaco.com. We look forward to serving you soon.

Buen provecho!

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